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Isn't Real

by Half Hearted Hero

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released May 27, 2016



all rights reserved


Half Hearted Hero New Bedford, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Throw It Away
so it seems I feel ordinary in this waiting vessel, I just count the lines / you were wrong, I am leaving Sunday, I won't have my phone / what I hear isn't real, can you wire me the words / if I change will the feelings remain // be love, don't throw it away / at the ends of us are the worries and words that weigh // what I mean by this wry confession in so many angles is that I can't be true / in a song, I'm just weaving wishes filtered through the phones / what you hear isn't real, can you remember the words / when you change will the meaning remain
Track Name: Dreams
left alone, stung and hopeless / get scared, stay home / go on, leave for the woods / if I'm looking kind of lost don't worry, I swear I'm just falling asleep / I can point out the best but lately it's been falling from me / the whistle of the songbird, the echo running after it / the feeling of a late night, the worst idea won't give me a lift / I've been mining them for years but there's no truth in dreams / if I've seen a glimpse in them, when I wake it disappears / there's an endless sight / I can't color the lines / I'm burning at the roots to let you know
Track Name: Same Old Same
some days you feel it, some days you don't / some day you're gonna burn that boat / and you'll watch your wishes float to the ruins / one day you're fearing oncoming change / next day you're pummeled by the same old same / old habits die, hard rain's gonna rain and didn't it rain // there's no time to shield your brow when your break can't part those clouds / you've been punching in and out in attempts to wrench this doubt / that you'll never mind the gap, that you can't delete the past / that the world is mostly trash and what doesn't burn returns to vats / to float down to the ruins
Track Name: Missing Something
I'm home and it's fine, there's no line out the door / all the sugar and oil won't find me here / they don't think, do they think, they're buying their drinks / a good use of conscience, compulsive caffeine // I recall missing something, a mythic fall // see the girl to the left, she won't sleep until tomorrow / she stretches her right hand and asks, “is this for here or to go” / we take names, we keep face, we sweep wishes into the bins / we don't change, we can't change // it's the apathy in our breathing and the way we address everyone / like they're already broken and no one's prepared
Track Name: Want To Be
what am I hiding from, I'm not the enemy / when I defy it all make me a molecule / lost the rhythm, kept the rhyme, beat it to depths of dead mythology / lost the lyric, losing time, sleeping at the wheel of some apology / carve out a cliché in this context / conceal the character in the cards / misery is a convention but at least you're feeling / forget the reasons, it's an unforgiving world / we don't ever know / sure there's something you want to be
Track Name: Invisible City
see this highway connect every morning to its end / language recovered and wrecked by the evening / the busiest bridge was a mile longer today / traffic trapped us in passing pacts while the night collapsed / if we counted the exits we could reach out to feel / missing marks in the median / a birthday call, a border crossed / if we're getting closer we didn't see it coming // as this night collects memory and intellect / shapes of cities stand, collapse and rebuild in our sleep // it's a nervous cover-up chasing us / if we're getting closer we didn't plan it, couldn't have seen it all // call it erratic, I've had it, there's nothing to prove here / waiting for trains, these illusions that won't come / do the cameras see all the visions the city did dream / through all of these aging metaphors
Track Name: All Of Me
wonder on / you can't just wander off / there's a setting sun / and work undone / the end's not here / when we're there / we couldn't know or care / there's always one more / an endless door / the path will steer // you are an echo / I sound the same / we're always changing // all of me is waiting for an answer // what's the cost / of reliving what's lost / could I feel it all / every leap and fall / like the past was here / and if I near / all I've been working on / like a long-lost song / will I reappear // undo your fear / you've got to wander on
Track Name: Drive
drive 'til we can see the sea / we'll be relieved by dusk / leave the lights, the signs, the times / behind, we write our lives // stars, wind on our own world stage / I'll never want another even if you run away / dawn will bring on thoughts, words, days / death will never cover the star that lights your face
Track Name: Sky Blue
my thoughts are only you / my days are only useless ideas / some windows look away / this bedroom has a way of changing // there's sugar in my brain / where mountaintops are breaking sky blue / it happens everyday / it's like you
Track Name: Sleepwalking
walking home alone again, it feels like I am sleepwalking / fumble for the phone and then I wish I could just keep talking / until you're here in this bed with your dreams around my head // thawing on the couch I hear the neighbors pacing all evening / foremost on my list of fears: the lonesome winter's cold breathing / far away from this freeze sleeps a dreamer in pacific breeze
Track Name: What Light
there's no difference in walking away, I've healed it all by now / the patterns of aging have prodded me, where do I go / there's no difference, I'm taking my place while hemispheres shuffle / the atlas will yield a new control, what light is breaking // shop for the new, return to me when you are obsolete / autumn leaves will color you a rogue / retconned and rouge, shell-shocked to see how every form deletes / war receipts to collage combat vogue // one-way road to the parade, see some signs